Information for parents

As a parent or guardian of a student considering studying in another country, you play an essential part in their choice to embark on this academic and life-enriching endeavour.

The single, most significant thing you can do to get them ready to study overseas is to open a discussion about what it means to learn in a new culture and country.

Our most important job is to give you the confidence and certainty that Charles Sturt University is a safe and professional choice for their next study move.

Three things you need to know about Charles Sturt University

  1. Our campuses are safe, friendly communities, based in vibrant regional Australian locations.
  2. We have a great range of services and information available to keep our students in top physical, mental and emotional shape.
  3. Our class sizes are small to maintain a quality of teaching that ensures your child will get the most out of their education.

How to help your child prepare for study in another country

Things will be very different from what they are used to at home. And so they should be. The air might be cleaner, but the cities might be smaller, the sights and sounds will be different... waking up to the sound of cows in the distance or walking to campus seeing kangaroos ... we could go on.

The upshot is that studying away opens up opportunities and introduces students to new cultural experiences like no other.

As a parent or guardian, encourage your child to embrace the experience.

Here are ways you can help them prepare for studying in Australia:

  • Help them get on top of their paperwork
  • Assist with booking flights
  • Discuss creating a budget
  • Talk to them about their destination
  • Stay Connected. We talk about all the differences but staying connected keeps them grounded with things they already know.
  • Discuss plans for communicating with them while they're away and also talk about what will happen if there is a family emergency.
  • Help them with their shopping list before they depart
  • And get in touch with the university if you have any questions before they leave to make sure you are both ready for the big adventure.