Before you arrive

After you successfully enrol with Charles Sturt University - and before you travel - here are seven things you can start doing now to get organised for a smooth transition to your new study home Down Under.


Research regional New South Wales

Research regional New South Wales and get to know your new study home. A great way to do this is to learn about Australian slang. For example, Australia is known by a lot of different names: Aussie, Ozzie, Straya, or just simply, Oz. If you are not from an English speaking background, learning some of the local Australian sayings and terminology will be a big help.


Apply for a student visa

Apply for your student visa. The Australian government has simplified student visa applications—all academic fields of interest fall under the same category, Student visa (Subclass 500). To find out about student visa requirements in Australia, visit the Department of Home Affairs.


Look at your accommodation options

Take a look at accommodation options. Whether you choose to live on or off-campus, we are here to help make sure you find your new home away from home.


Talk to an International Student Officer

Connect with your International Student Officer. They can help you with everything from adjusting to life in Australia, managing your studies, and connecting with other students.

Email our team


Organise flights

Organise your flights once your visa is granted. It is a good idea to arrive a few days early to get settled. There are no direct international flights to our regional campuses so you will need to organise a local connection from Sydney.


Start packing

Start packing. Our regional campuses have annual average temperatures between 12°C and 21°C, so it is a good idea to pack a range of clothing. Take a look at Australia's biosecurity requirements when packing personal items. Some food, plant material, and animal products from overseas are not permitted.


Book into orientation

Book into orientation. Orientation is compulsory. It is also a great way to settle into life at uni and get to know your new Charles Sturt family. Once you get to Australia, Orientation is a great way to connect with your new classmates and teaching staff. These connections will help you get the most out of your time in Oz (see the first item in this list if you're not sure what that means).

We can't wait to meet you. If you'd like a friendly face to greet you when you arrive, just let us know. We can arrange for someone from Charles Sturt to meet you at the airport, bus or train station closest to your campus.