Cost of living

Good news: when you study at one of our regional campuses, the cost of living is lower than most metropolitan locations in Australia. How much does it cost and how can you budget to make the most of your time studying in Australia?

Accommodation, food, bills, clothing, entertainment, going out... the cost of living as a student can quickly add up.

You'll need to consider the cost of living in Australia, on top of your tuition fees.

As a guide, the recommended 12-month living cost for a single student is AUD$21,041.

There are financial requirements you must meet to receive a student visa for Australia and you may need to provide evidence of your ability to cover living costs. See the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.

Work out your expenses

The first step when creating a budget is to work out your expenses. Some things to consider:

See the Study in Australia website for a list of indicative education and living costs in Australia.


How are you going to cover these expenses?

You may have some savings or receive money from family.

There may also be off-campus and on-campus opportunities to work part-time to help with additional spending money while you are studying. Whilst part-time work is a great way to bring in a little extra money (and work on your English language skills) you shouldn't rely on it to cover your living costs.

Get support

We have a range of scholarships available for international students that can help cover some tuition fees and living expenses.

Our International Student Liaison Officers can also provide advice to help you manage your finances when studying in Australia.