Working with us

This information found in this part of our website is for approved Charles Sturt University agents that have signed an agreement and are authorised to work with us.

Our aim is to provide you with information, training and support so you can represent Charles Sturt University in your country. We look forward to working with you.


Our training covers locations, key courses, our application process and the genuine temporary entry (GTE) requirement.

Mandatory  training

An approved Charles Sturt University agent  must undertake this training session

To book a face-to-face training session with our team, please contact us.

Complementary training

We recommend each agent has completed the Education Agent Training Course and become QEAC Certified.

Your responsibilities

As an approved Charles Sturt University agent, you are responsible for:

  • Complying with all of our policies and procedures including the Charles Sturt University Agent Code of Conduct.
  • Comply with Australian Government regulations including the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS) Act and National Code of Practice.
  • Assessing whether the applicant is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) for student visa purposes. This is to comply with the Simplified Student Visa Framework.
  • Proactively representing and promoting Charles Sturt University.
  • Recruiting students in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Providing accurate advice to students on our courses, admission requirements and fees.
  • Facilitating student application, enrolment and visa processes.