Fees and scholarships

Fees and costs

There are various costs and fees associated with studying at Charles Sturt University. It is important prospective students are informed about these costs when considering their study options.

Fees and costs for international students


We have a range of scholarships available to help support international students.

Scholarships for international students

Our price advantage

  • According to an Australian university benchmarking survey* our tuition fees are in the median range for most courses, which makes our fees very competitive compared to metro unis.
  • Our campus locations offer a lower cost of living and the opportunity to get a casual job.
  • We have a range of on-campus student accommodation with the cheapest option being self-catered rooms.

* Huckel, D., Ramirez, K. (2014). Comparative Analysis of International Tuition Fees in Australia, 2014. Sydney, Australia: Studymove.