Upskill with micro-credentials

Our micro-credentials are designed to help you make a difference – to your career, to your organisation and your community.

Designed in collaboration with employers, these online micro-credentials give you the opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills directly to your workplace.

From project management, community development and finance, to media, communication and networking, choose one or two micro-credentials that will let you gain the required skill set for the job at hand – then add more to your learning journey as needed.

You can choose to study in several micro-sessions throughout the year. You’ll learn along like-minded students across eight-week sessions (some subjects even have an optional on-campus or online workshop for collaborative, face-to-face learning). It means you can gain new skills in just two months. A two-point subject only takes around four hours of study a week, while a four-point subject just eight.

Step 1: Complete micro-subjects to build your skills and knowledge

Four micro-subjects shown as puzzle pieces, leading to a further qualification.

Step 2: Stack your micro-subjects towards a graduate certificate

Four micro-subjects shown as part of a graduate certificate.

*You can also enrol directly into a graduate certificate which may include a set of micro subjects.

Step 3: Take the next step and study a master's degree

Four micro-subjects and a graduate certificate combined to contribute to a master's.

*You can also enrol directly into a masters degree.

Building community

Building community resilience (2pt)

Community contexts (4pt)

Community disaster recovery (4pt)

Inclusive community engagement (2pt)

Media production for community engagement (2pt)

Models of community development (4pt)

Strategic event management (2pt)

Building relationships

Building personal resilience (2pt)

Developing media relationships (2pt)

External communication strategies (2pt)

Negotiating and managing conflict (2pt)

Networking and building partnerships (2pt)

Building capable leaders

Leading change (2pt)

Designing, implementing and evaluating projects (4pt)

Financial literacy for decision makers (2pt)

Governance and decision-making (2pt)

Motivating and influencing people (2pt)

Social entrepreneurship (2pt)

Strategic management (2pt)

Strategic people management (2pt)

Transformational leadership (2pt)

Complete micro-credentials totalling 32 points from the 21 subjects listed above and you'll earn a Graduate Certificate in Community Leadership and Resilience.

Financial crime studies

Trade-based money laundering (2pt)

White-collar psychopaths (2pt)

Dark markets (2pt)

Dirty money (2pt)

Financial crime intelligence (2pt)

Customer due diligence (2pt)

Crime, risk and control (2pt)

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