Single subjects

Ever thought about single subject study? It's a way of studying one or two subjects in a fraction of the time it takes to study a degree.

A single subject is a great option if you're working full-time. They are short online courses with real flexibility to study how best works for you. You'll study the same course material that's in our degrees, and get to interact with your lecturers and classmates online. Most single subjects are open entry, so you can enrol and start learning right away. What's more, your subject will count toward a related degree such as a graduate certificate if you decide to pursue one later. It's a win-win.

Studying a single subject (or two) is perfect if you're:

  • returning to study
  • preparing for a career change or promotion
  • need some professional development
  • looking for affordable online study
  • taking the first steps toward a degree.

Single subjects for you to consider

LAW532 Negotiation and Managing Conflict

LAW532 Negotiation and Managing Conflict

Explore negotiation styles used in business environments and put these to the test to manage conflict and focus on beneficial outcomes.

BMS240 Human Molecular Genetics

BMS240 Human Molecular Genetics

Examine the broad field of genetics. You'll learn about standard Mendelian genetics, our modern understanding of molecular genetics and the central dogma.

WEL418 Case Management

WEL418 Case Management

Explore contemporary case management and its increasing application to diverse human service settings and organisations.

SSS077 Essay Writing 1 – Style

SSS077 Essay Writing 1 – Style

Develop your formal writing skills through a focus on style. Learn the basics of grammar, formality and developing complexity in academic writing, punctuation and APA referencing.

How to apply

Step 1

Find a subject

Search the list of available subjects to find the subject you want to study.

Step 2

Collate your supporting documentation (if you need it)

If your course requires extra documentation, here's what you'll need.

  • A copy of your academic transcript (if there are prerequisites).
  • Evidence of Australian citizenship or permanent residency if you were born outside of Australia.
  • Evidence that you meet Charles Sturt University's English Language Proficiency requirements.

Step 3

Complete an application

Apply online in as little as 15 minutes.

How much will it cost?

  • 2020 Fees

    Single Subject Study gives you flexibility without the commitment of a full degree. The program allows you to:

    • study subjects that require no prerequisites, prior knowledge, or experience
    • sample university, or test out a subject area
    • update your professional qualifications
    • build your skills or explore your passions
    • prove to yourself that you are capable of university study

    2020 tuition fees

    Tuition fees for the Single Subject Study program are charged per subject and are the same cost for on campus or online study. Fees are payable upfront and cannot be deferred through the Australian Taxation Office HELP scheme. You will receive advice about payment options when you receive a letter of offer into the subject.

    Undergraduate subject level - 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx

    The domestic student undergraduate fee for each subject falls within one of three bands. These bands indicate what the cost of a subject will be.

    Domestic Undergraduate Students only – determine your subject band

    Start typing the subject name or subject code in the box below and select your subject from the resulting list.

    Bands Cost per 8 point subject
    Domestic Students
    Band 1$1,130
    Band 1 - PSY101, PSY102$1,130
    Band 2$1,800
    Band 3$2,010
    Band 3 rate used - PSY1xx, (exclude PSY101,102 above) PSY2xx, PSY3xx, PSY4xxx$2,120
    International Students
    International Students - All Faculties UG$3,250
    Study Group Domestic Undergraduate$3,528
    Study Group Domestic Undergraduate BIT$3,712

    *Faculty of Education Practice Teaching subjects requiring supervision in a school environment incur an additional fee of $500.

    Postgraduate Subject level - 5xx & 6xx

    The Postgraduate Student Fee is based on the subject level and the Faculty in which the subject is offered.

    Faculty Cost per 8 point subject
    Domestic Students
    *Arts / Education$3,000
    Business & Justice Studies$3,350
    Business - Study Group$3,632
    **Science Clinical Placement subjects$3,900
    International Students
    All Faculties$3,550
    Study Group$3,992

    * Faculty of Education Practice Teaching subjects requiring supervision in a school environment incur an additional fee of $500.
    ** Faculty of Science Includes Clinical Placement subjects incur an additional fee of $400 (per 8 pt subject).

    The published fees are for 2020 only. Fees may be adjusted in future years. Above fees are for each 8 point subject for domestic students only. Fees should be doubled for 16 point subjects.

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