Single subjects

Take the next step into uni study with a single subject. You’ll add value to your current job or diversify your skills when it comes to your next one.

Single subject study is a great option to upskill while you work. They are short online courses and you'll study the same course material that's in our degrees. Join lively online discussions and access a wealth of online resources.

Most single subjects are open entry, so you can enrol and start learning right away. What's more, your subject will give you credit towards a related degree, such as a graduate certificate, if you decide to pursue one later. It's a win-win.

    Popular single subjects

    GEO303 Climatology

    GEO303 Climatology

    Explore the major topics in climate science. From understanding how global weather systems work, and the influences on climate at the micro, local and national scale; to the science, impact and predictions for climate change – gain a solid understanding of present and future climate conditions.

    PSY101 Foundations of Psychology

    PSY101 Foundations of Psychology

    Delve into the workings of the human mind. You’ll explore everything from the biological aspects of behaviour and how we perceive the world, to consciousness, language learning and memory. Gain the fundamental theory in this endlessly fascinating field.

    AGR202 Food, Environment and Culture

    AGR202 Food, Environment and Culture

    Study at the intersection of three essential aspects of our national wellbeing. From ethics and economics, to sustainability, food security and First Nations land use, explore the intersections and opportunities in these challenging areas.

    IKC102 Indigenous Australian Cultures and Knowledge Systems

    IKC102 Indigenous Australian Cultures and Knowledge Systems

    Examine the diversity of First Nations cultures, knowledge frameworks, and contemporary cultural practice – and the place Indigenous cultures and knowledge have in Australian national identity.

    How to apply

    Step 1

    Find a subject

    Search the list of available subjects to find the subject you want to study.

    Step 2

    Collate your supporting documentation (if you need it)

    If your course requires extra documentation, here's what you'll need.

    • A copy of your academic transcript (if there are prerequisites).
    • Evidence of Australian citizenship or permanent residency if you were born outside of Australia.
    • Evidence that you meet Charles Sturt University's English Language Proficiency requirements.

    Step 3

    Complete an application

    Apply online in as little as 15 minutes.

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