Pathway courses

We know that if you're given a chance to study something you're passionate about, you'll shine. That’s why we include guaranteed entry to most of our bachelor's degrees through two dedicated courses. The Diploma of General Studies or the Charles Sturt University Pathway Course.

Get prepared for study in your chosen undergraduate degree by developing skills in academic writing, maths and statistics. You'll also gain an understanding of First Nations histories, and get to choose from a range of elective subjects  to complement your future degree. You can also build additional skills - and confidence - through short Study Link subjects.

Diploma of General Studies

Diploma of General Studies

Charles Sturt University Pathway Course

Charles Sturt University Pathway Course

Successful completion

Successfully complete one of these courses and you'll get guaranteed entry into a range of Charles Sturt University undergraduate courses.

What's more, you could also receive credit for the subjects you've completed - meaning you could graduate from your bachelor's faster!

  • Which degrees can I get into by completing an admission pathway course?

    Complete an admission pathway course and you can secure a spot in almost all of our undergraduate degrees. Check our guaranteed entry and credit lists for the Diploma of General Studies and for the Charles Sturt University Pathway for the most up-to-date information.

  • What if I want a qualification from my admission pathway course?

    The Diploma of General Studies will give you a diploma-level qualification as well as guaranteed entry into a range of Charles Sturt undergraduate courses. The shorter Charles Sturt University Pathway will only give you entry to a bachelor's; it doesn't include a qualification.

  • Will an admission pathway course help me succeed in my bachelor's?

    Students who complete an admissions pathway course before going on to an undergraduate degree actually have a higher success rate when it comes to completing their bachelor's. After all,completing a pathway course not only gives you everything you need to know about how to succeed at university and builds your confidence, it shows your dedication to get where you want to go.

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