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Getting into uni isn’t just about getting an ATAR. Don’t let test scores hold you back from getting the career you want.

Charles Sturt University’s admission pathway courses give you guaranteed entry into most of our bachelor's degrees and get you ready for university study. With the flexibility to study online or on campus, you can choose the right course to fit in with your life, work and study needs from our two options: the Diploma of General Studies or the Charles Sturt University Pathway Course.

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Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program

You've got so much to offer! Discover your advantage with our early offer program and show the world what you're made of. When you apply through the program we’ll take into consideration your empathy, resilience and commitment to making this world a world worth living in.

We’re looking for those special soft skills – things that might not always be reflected in your academic results – but they’re skills that help you excel in the working world. If you're coming to uni later in life, we'll also look at your work experience.

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Connections - First Nations Direct Entry Program

Connections is a five-day entry program that helps you prepare for study with Charles Sturt University. Successful completion of this program will provide you with guaranteed entry into a broad range of our bachelor's degrees.

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Regional Location Adjustment

Not all schools have the same access to resources and services as their bigger, metropolitan counterparts. That's why our equity program, the Regional Location Adjustment, supports regional students by adjusting their selection rank.

Your selection rank includes your ATAR plus any adjustments you're eligible for, such as equity, location or subject adjustments. It can also include portfolio assessments and supplementary test results. Based on where you live, we could add an additional five points to your selection ranking.

Regional Location Adjustment

Early Offer – Schools Recommendation Schemes

Charles Sturt participates in the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) through UAC. Through the SRS, you could receive an offer to study at Charles Sturt before you receive your ATAR!

This early offer program takes into account your academic achievements at high school plus your school's rating of your abilities and aptitudes. Getting an early offer helps you get a head start on applying for things like accommodation. Even better, you can enjoy the summer after your exams knowing you've got a spot secured at Charles Sturt.

General degrees

We offer a selection of general undergraduate degrees as another admission pathway to more specific studies. These degrees offer a flexible program structure, so you can choose your subjects to suit your own interests.

And the good news? They generally have lower admission requirements – making them an ideal option if you miss out on a place in your preferred course.

For instance, the Bachelor of Educational Studies can lead to several teaching degrees, such as the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) or the Bachelor of Education (K–12). Even better, you'll receive full credit for the subjects you've studied when you progress.

Work experience* is the central criteria for admission into these courses. For example, if you haven't completed your HSC or VCE, but have completed a minimum of 12 months full-time paid employment, you may be eligible.

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*Minimum of 12 months full-time paid employment since finishing secondary schooling. We'll need a statement of service or signed reference to substantiate your work experience.


These courses are a great way to dip your feet into further study, especially if you're unsure if uni is for you. Charles Sturt has a partnership with TAFE right across Australia. Together, we offer TAFE / VET admission pathways combining the best of vocational and higher education, giving you a nationally recognised qualification.

TAFE / VET admission pathways

Experience Matters entry program

This entry program recognises your previous industry experience and skills so you can get qualified for the career you want sooner. We'll look at your skill level and work history to help determine how your experience can count towards your related Charles Sturt degree. Are you ready to get qualified for your future career? Contact us to find out how your Experience Matters.

Defence personnel

In collaboration with the Australian Student Veterans Association (ASVA), Charles Sturt offers a range of options for former and current defence force personnel. Would you like to realise your potential and get qualified for the next chapter of your life? Find out how your Experience Matters as current or former serving defence force personnel.

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Access schemes

Finally, if things don't quite go to plan during your preparation for university, our access schemes can help.

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