Access schemes

Did you have a tough time finishing school? Miss out on opportunities other students had?

It's okay. We know life doesn't always go to plan. That's why we have our special consideration programs. We can use special consideration to adjust your selection rank and put you on the fast track to study.

The selection rank is the ranking universities use to assess admission to a course. A selection rank includes your ATAR plus any adjustments you're eligible for, such as equity, location or subject adjustments. It can also include portfolio assessments and supplementary test results.

Special consideration can take into account your:

  • financial situation
  • cultural background
  • family trauma
  • illness
  • legal issues
  • adverse study conditions.

Applying for access schemes

Here's how you'll apply for our access schemes. If you're not sure whether your circumstances could make you eligible for special consideration:

  • Students applying through UAC

    Access scheme: Educational Access Scheme

    Open 1 April 2021

    Visit UAC's website for further dates.

  • Students applying to Charles Sturt direct to study online

    Access scheme: Special Consideration for Admission (SCA) Scheme [PDF]

    Closing date: Ongoing, but at least four weeks before the applicable session (except where your preferred course has an early closing date for applications*).

  • Students applying under the Elite Athlete and Performer category

    Access scheme: Elite Athlete/Performer Program Special Consideration for Admission Form [PDF]

    Closing date: Ongoing, but if planning to study online, at least four weeks before the applicable session (except where the preferred course has an early closing date for applications*).

  • Full-time students applying through VTAC (not an Elite Athlete)
  • Non-school leaver students applying direct with Charles Sturt
  • Postgraduate students

    Contact the related university faculty for details or call Charles Sturt University on 1800 275 278.

    *Please note: Where there is an early closing date for your course or supplementary application, SCA applications must also be submitted by this date.


Charles Sturt is an Elite Athlete and Performer Friendly University

If your competition or training requirements have affected your preparation for study, you may be eligible for special consideration entry.

  • Who we support

    We support a range of elite athletes and performers and support staff, including:

    • Australian Olympians
    • professional sports people
    • emerging elite athletes
    • coaches
    • referees
    • elite performers.

    If you want to check that you're eligible or if you have any questions, please email us.

  • How we support you

    Our dedicated staff can support you while you study as part of the Elite Athlete/ Performer Program.

    Many of our members can:

    • study their course online
    • get flexibility in their studies, sit exams elsewhere or get assignment extensions
    • get subsidised on-campus accommodation support
    • access tailored study plans and academic support
    • use our gyms and sporting facilities
    • get free Elite Athlete Program sporting apparel
    • apply for sports travel grants.
  • How to apply for the Elite Athlete/Performer Program

    To apply, upload the Elite Athlete/Performer Program Special Consideration for Admission Form and supporting documentation when you apply for your course online.

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