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For more than 50 years, Charles Sturt University has been teaching generation after generation of students.

From single-subject to undergraduate to research degrees, we have been on the front line of teaching and leadership excellence. Our teaching methods have evolved and adapted to meet the shifting needs of future students.

Now, it's your turn. You'll quickly see why Charles Sturt is the number one regional university in Australia.

Explore your study options

If you do not meet the entry requirements to study with us, don't give up your study dreams yet. We have pathway programs and access schemes to get you on the road to learning with us.

We also have options for future students that want to study abroad, learn a single-subject, or include study with Charles Sturt as part of a degree undertaken somewhere else.

Get guaranteed entry into most of our bachelor degrees through our wide range of admission pathways.

Not everyone's journey to uni is the same. Access schemes take into account special considerations such as personal or financial hardship.

Coming to us from another uni? Study a Charles Sturt subject and have it count towards your degree.

CSU Global lets you have an overseas study experience through exchange programs, work placements and volunteering opportunities.

It's your study, so it's your choice.

When you enrol as a student at Charles Sturt University, your educational adventure all comes down to you.

With more than 350 courses to choose from, six campuses located across regional New South Wales, flexibility to study on campus or online, and the option to take on full-time or part-time study.

Go full-time or part-time – it's totally up to you.

To make time spent at university a success, our learning framework needs to fit your lifestyle as much as you need to fit in with exams or assignments deadlines.

You can vary your study load to fit your course around your life — whatever turns it may take. Charles Sturt accepts student intakes each year, so you can start your study when you're ready.

We are everywhere.

Charles Sturt University has six main campuses to choose from located in regional Australia.

We also have study centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, partnerships with other educational organisations like TAFE, plus several international partner locations around the world.

Our network of campus locations, teaching facilities, industry partners and community links make Charles Sturt University the place to be to get where you want to go.

We know that not everyone is the same, so take your pick: on-campus or online. Are you:

  • a busy professional working 9-5 wanting to build existing knowledge
  • naturally curious and wanting to learn about your secret passion
  • looking for something part-time that will slot in with a busy lifestyle
  • someone that fits an entirely different profile altogether?

We're guessing you fall into the last option: everyone is different.

That’s why Charles Sturt has developed flexible learning options to cater to all types of people.

Our courses give you the flexibility to study on-campus or online. You'll learn from the same subject experts, using the same course material. Best of all, you're on the way to making your study ambitions become a reality.

Imagine your future career. Now come and get it.

That industry might be wine sciences. Or a career working with animals as a veterinarian or vet nurse. You may see yourself as a corporate leader, or communications and media strategist.

Then there's also engineering, environmental science, social work, library studies, computing, midwifery, medical science, dentistry, policing, law, security, psychology, science, teaching and more.

We have more than 350 courses to study on campus, most with an online option. It's a sea of subjects, topics and courses that give you lots of possibilities.

But perhaps best of all, you won't be left swimming once you graduate.

Our focus on workplace learning gets you away from the textbooks and into hands-on learning. Hands-on learning with industry is an integral part of our teaching strategy.

Not only will you have the practical experience to include on your résumé, but you'll have made professional contacts in your field that can help build your network – and improve your job prospects.

That's why Charles Sturt is number one for graduates getting jobs.

What type of degree are you?

It sounds like a quiz from a magazine. However, if you want to find your perfect course, it can help to know which degree your study match is: undergraduate, postgraduate, research degree, international or single-subject study.





Higher Degree by Research

Higher Degree by Research





Single subject

Single subject

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