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Starting university is an exciting, life-changing time for your child.

And it's just as special for you, their biggest cheerleader! It’s a time to be proud of everything your child has achieved at high school. It's also a great opportunity to help ensure they reach their full potential.

University is different to high school, but it doesn’t need to feel like you’re learning a whole new language. We’ll keep you across the careers of the future, simplify the application process and even decode ‘uni speak’. Together, we can help your child make the best choice for their future career.

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Come on campus

When you're helping your child choose a university, it's important you find the perfect fit for them. That's why we've created lots of ways for you to come on campus and experience Charles Sturt at our open days and events.

  • Explore Day gives your child a hands-on taste of what life as a uni student is really like.
  • Open Day lets your child explore the campus of their choice and check out our state-of-the-art facilities.
  • You can book a personalised campus tour and be guided around campus by a current student.
  • If your child wants to study online, our friendly team are available to discuss course options and help them find the right course for their career goals.

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Want to boost your child's finances?

A Charles Sturt scholarship could really help your child with the cost of study. We give away more than $3 million in scholarships and grants to students each year. And your child doesn't need to be at the top of the class to get one. We offer all kinds of scholarships – but they've got to be in it to win it!

Scholarships and grants take the pressure off and can make uni that much easier. Extra cash in the kitty means your child doesn't have to stress about paying for things like course fees, accommodation, textbooks and attending work placements. Trust us, it’s worth their while to apply.

Scholarships and grants

Support at every step

Our wide range of support services covers everything from academic assistance to personal wellbeing. Your child can get one-on-one support from our Academic Skills team, tap into the latest career advice from our Career Development Service, and access student health and counselling services if they need to chat about, well, anything.

However your child chooses to study, we’ve got their back. So you can rest easy knowing they've got everything they need to succeed at uni.

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Hands-on experience from day one

Is your child ready to be the change the world needs? To dig in and get their hands dirty? We are. Because it’s not what we say that makes a difference. It’s what we do.

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Charles Sturt University is #1 for graduate employment

Get qualified and get the job. More Charles Sturt grads get jobs faster than grads from any other university in Australia*.

Charles Sturt University is a 5 star uni for graduate salaries

Get your dream job and get paid well for it! Charles Sturt grads earn an average of $67,100 straight after graduating.*

*QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019

Leaders in excellence in learning and teaching

Charles Sturt is a Global Teaching Excellence Award 2018 finalist.

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  • How will my child apply to Charles Sturt?

    Apply via UAC/VTAC

    If your child plans to study on campus they’ll apply to us through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) or the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). If they’re studying their HSC in NSW, they’ll apply through UAC. If your child is taking the VCE and they want to study on campus at Albury-Wodonga, they’ll use VTAC. Here's what to do.

    1. Check the application deadlines.
    2. Start the online application at either UAC or VTAC's website
    3. Choose preferences. Your child can choose up to five preferences with UAC and up to eight with VTAC.
    4. Upload documents (if required). These could include a supplementary form, portfolio or a personal statement.
    5. Submit. Your child can track and update their application online.

    Apply via UAC

    Apply via VTAC

    Apply direct

    If your child wants to study online with us, they’ll apply to us directly.

    1. Choose a session: February, July or November (this will depend on course offerings).
    2. Start the application at
    3. Upload documents (if required).
    4. Save and submit. Your child can save their application at any time and complete it when it suits. Once it's submitted, we’ll be in touch within 10 working days.

    Apply to Charles Sturt

  • Where will my child live at uni?

    We offer accommodation on our six campuses across regional New South Wales – with a range of catering packages to suit their lifestyle. Our accommodation is comfortable, affordable, safe and secure – letting your child enjoy a stress-free living experience. And did you know that every first-year student who applies for on-campus accommodation is guaranteed a room? Like we said, stress-free living!

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  • What financial help is available?

    From scholarships and grants to student loans, there are many ways we can help your child afford their studies.

    The cost of a degree varies depending on the course. For domestic students, you can expect fees per 8-point subject to range from around $800 to $1300. If your child receives a Commonwealth supported place, they can access the HECS-HELP scheme. This means they’ll pay their tuition fees once they’re working and earning over a certain amount.

    Your child can also speak to our financial support team, who will help them with budgeting, planning and applying for loans. We can even help them find a part-time job to boost their cash flow. While a degree is certainly a big financial commitment, it's a wonderful investment in your child's future.

    Scholarships and grants

  • Can my child study overseas?

    They sure can! An international study experience with CSU Global can open doors for your child. It'll give them that competitive edge employers look for – and they'll have an incredible experience to look back on.

    Your child could choose to study abroad for part of their course, undertake work placements overseas, take a study tour during uni holidays or volunteer in another country.

    Check out our international partnerships and see how your child can gain a truly global university experience.

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  • What makes Charles Sturt different?

    At Charles Sturt University, your child is a person – not just another face in the lecture hall. Tutors will know your child’s name, and they’ll get more one-to-one time with their academics. That's why our academics are always available to discuss your child's studies – they want them to succeed just as much as you do!

  • What’s the security like on campus?

    We offer 24/7 on-campus security, campus patrols and first aid assistance. Your child can access our safe escort service after dark if they need to be accompanied from class or the library to their accommodation. We take that extra step to help your child feel safe and secure at all times.

Applying to study at Charles Sturt

Once you've ticked all of your course requirements, you can apply to study with Charles Sturt in as little as 15 minutes.

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