Welcome back

Important information for international students travelling to our campuses

We’re excited to be welcoming international students back to our campuses and communities.

There are no restrictions for entering NSW or Victoria, but it is recommended that you monitor closely for symptoms of COVID-19.

Students travelling from China, Hong Kong and Macau :

For students travelling to Australia from the People's Republic of China, including Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, please refer to the latest announcement from the Australian Government Department of Health.

International students study requirements

With international borders now open and pandemic restrictions largely removed, it is expected that all Charles Sturt international student visa holders will return to face-to-face study at one of our Australian campuses ready for the start of 60 session, 2023, or no later than 30th June 2023.

All 2023 commencing student visa holders will be expected to commence studies on campus.

For detailed information, please refer to ESOS, protecting our students' rights

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