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If you're a future or current student, you can apply for scholarships from external organisations right throughout the year. These scholarships are based on either specific study areas or they’re open to all students.

What scholarships am I eligible for?

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Charles Sturt University provides information on scholarships which are funded by third parties as a service to students only, and it is not a complete list. Charles Sturt University does not endorse the goods or services which may be provided by these third parties, nor do we warrant the accuracy or suitability of any content on their websites. If you access these websites, you do so at your own risk. You must assess for yourself the suitability and conditions of any available scholarships.

Scholarship Name Eligibility Study Area Amount Closing Date
2022 Two Honours Scholarships 2 Scholarships being offered for students wanting ... read more Business, IT, Marketing $2,000 18/12/2022
Absolute Care and Health Scholarship Commencing or continuing; Australian citizenread more Nursing $2,000.00 Closed
ACEN Student Scholarship Students who are undertaking a Work Placement as p... read more Any $1,500.00 22/04/2022 (Stage 1) & 27/05/22 (Stage 2)
ACN Nursing Postgraduate Scholarships Must be a registered nurse residing in Australia; ... read more Science/ Nursing / Midwifery - postgraduate up to $10,000 various
ADA - Study Grants for Indigenous Dental Students Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; enrolled ful... read more Science/Dentistry $5,000.00 Opened
AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship In final two years of study within a financial ser... read more Science / Agriculture / STEM $5,000/year Closed
AINSE Scholarships Commencing and Continuing - various Scholarships ... read more Science and Engineering Various Various
Alan Duncan Memorial Scholarship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men; applica... read more Any up to $5,000 30-Jun-22
ARHEN - Australian Rural Health Education Network Assistance with placements in rural and remote hea... read more Health / Allied Health / Nursing / Dentistry various various
Aurora Indigenous Pathways Various scholarships for First Nations Students of... read more Any Various Various
Astor Legal Scholarship Australian Citizen or Australian permanent residen... read more Law $2,000 Closed
Australian Veterans Children Assistance Trust Scholarship Australian Residency, be the child or grandchild a... read more Any $3,000 to $5,000 per annum up to 4 years Closed
Bendi Lango Bursary Must be able to demonstrate Aboriginal and/or Tor... read more Arts/Psychology $15,000 full-time $7,500 part-time Closed
BetaShares ETF Student Grant Must be an Australian citizen or Australian perman... read more Any $3,000.00 Closed
Brian Gray Scholarship program Open to final year full-time Honours and PhD stude... read more Business / Finance $15,000.00 1-Apr-22
Budget Promotion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sponsorship Award Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander either cu... read more Any $3,000.00 15-Aug-22
Canstar Future of Finance Student Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident; be enrol... read more Business $5,000.00 Closed
Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students Enrolled in a postgraduate research degree; intern... read more Any $3,000.00 20-May-21
Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students Enrolled in a Postgraduate degree; internal or ext... read more Any $3,000 Store Gift Voucher 22-Jul-22
Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students Enrolled in an Honours Program full-time (part-tim... read more Science/Allied Health $3,000.00 30-May-22
Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates Enrolled in undergraduate degree; based on financi... read more Any $3,000.00 Ooen
Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship This scholarship assists deaf and people who are h... read more Any $2,000.00 30-Jun-22
Centevo Digital Marketing Scholarship Commencing or continuing;read more Business/ Marketing / Communications / Web Design $5,000.00 31-Dec-22
Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgradua... read more Any up to $15,000 Closed
Choosi Futures Grant Full-time, Australian citizens or permanent reside... read more Selected courses $5,000.00 Closed Scholarship Program Must be Australian citizen Applicants from USA, UK... read more Any $2,500.00 closed
Cowra CWA Medical Education Grant Must reside within the boundaries of the CSW South... read more Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy & Allied Health $1,000 19/01/2022
CRANAplus Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarship Must be a current CRANAplus member; enrolled as a ... read more Science/Health up to $1,000 closed
Cyber Security Innovators Scholarship Be a commencing undergraduate of Postgraduate in a... read more Public Safety and Cyber Security $1,000.00 31-May-22
Edith Cavell Trust Scholarship Undergraduate or Postgraduate students, Registered... read more Nursing / Midwifery up to $5,000 Closed
Feedwell Scholarship Any student currently studying at any University o... read more Any $1,000.00 30-Jun-22
Future Teacher Scholarships Must be a member of Teachers Mutual Bank; Australi... read more Education $6,000.00 Closed
Gary Sansom Scholarshp Applicants must be an Australian citizen or reside... read more Agriculture Up to $35,00
Governor-General's Undergraduate Essay Competition Undergraduate or honours students. Closing in June... read more Any up to $10,000 Closed
Graduate Women - New South wales Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Female students wh... read more Any $2000 - $10,000 various
iCare SMSF Scholarship Program Current undergraduate or postgraduate students; en... read more Business / Accounting / Finance $3,000.00 31-May-22
Jacaranda Finance Scholarship for Entrepeneurs For students studying a certification, undergradua... read more Commerce, Business, Technology or Finance $10,000.00 31-Mar-22
Jan Cathcart Scholarship for Women Female shareholders, growers and employees and ext... read more Agricultural science / engineering / finance / business $10,000 pa 15-Oct-22
JB Fairfax Award for Rural & Regional Journalism & Communications Must be an Australian Citizen or permanent residen... read more Journalism / Communications $10,000 Closed
Kaine Mathrick Tech IT Scholarship Program Undergraduate It students commencing their final y... read more IT $2,000.00 30-Jun-22
Larsen Jewellery Design Scholarship Must be Australian citizen or permanent resident; ... read more Design / Visual Arts $3,000.00 30-Nov-22
Loris Williams Memorial Scholarship Indigenous students; can demonstrate an interest i... read more Education/Information Studies $3,000.00 Closed
Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship Women; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identi... read more Any $5,000.00 31-May-22
Northcott Spinecare Scholarships Students using a wheelchair and are attending univ... read more Any $5,000.00 Open
Northparkes Mines Indigenous Scholarship Indigenous students - wide range of courses rangin... read more Science/Business $5,000-$10,000pa Closed
Northparkes SMMO Sponsored Scholarships Student must reside in the NSW Central West Region... read more any $2,000.00 31-Dec-21
NSW Rural Allied Health Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen; resident of NSW; second year o... read more Science/Allied Health up to $750 1-Apr-22
NSW Rural Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Be an employee of, and based at, a rural located p... read more Science up to $10,000 1-Apr-22
NSW Rural Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship Enrolled full-time in rural Allied Health course i... read more Science up to $10,000 1-Apr-22
Nuclear Science & Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Eligible students must be Australian citizens who ... read more STEM $20,000 annually for up to 4 years Closed
Orana Education & Training Co-operative Ltd 2022 Scholarship Applicant must enrolled to vote (or eligible to en... read more Any $10,000 Closed
PCL Lawyers Be a law student in your final year or penultimate... read more Law $5,000 30-Apr-21
Peggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders studying an ... read more Medicine, Allied Health, Midwifery, Dentistry and Nursing Up to $15,000 Closed
Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship Fulltime, Australian citizen, Identify as a member... read more Any up to $7,000 Closed
Promotion Products Bi-annual Scholarship Fulltime or Parttime student studying at an Austra... read more Any $3,000.00 15/2/22 & 15/8/22
Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarships Must be an Australian citizen looking to persue ov... read more Any up to $85,000 p.a. 31-Mar-22
RAS Foundation Rural Scholarship Commencing or continuing; Australian citizenread more Any $6,000.00 Closed
Real Futures Grant Must be enrolled full-time, a citizen or permanent... read more Business, Finance, Medicine, Healthcare & Allied Health disciplines $5,000 31-Oct-22
Responsible Pet Breeders Veterinary Scholarship Students must be currently enrolled in an Australi... read more Veterinary $1,500.00 Closed
Roberts Gray Lawyers Schoalrship program Continuing students in their second and subsequent... read more Law $2,000.00 Closed
Rural & Regional Enterprise Scholarship (RRES) Must be an Australian citizen commencing study in ... read more any $18,000.00 rolling dates
Shareshight Finance Scholarship Must be a student of a Bachelor degree in a Financ... read more Finance, Accounting $2,000.00 31-Dec-22
SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarship Be from a refugee background on a permanent humani... read more Any up to $5,000 Closed
State Super Academic Scholarship Australian Citizen; Studying Fulltime in an Honour... read more Any $16,000.00 Closed
Susan & Isaac Wakill Foundation Scholarship Must be a Yr 12 public school student, Australian ... read more Any $3,000 p.a. for up to 3 years, relocation grant of $3,000 may also available Closed
Sydney Criminal Lawyers Criminal Law Scholarship Australian Citizen or Australian permanent residen... read more Law $5,000.00 Closed
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association Education Fund Self-identified LGBTIQ students over 30 years of a... read more Any $2,500 - $10,000 30-Apr-22
Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship Applicants must be an Australian citizen or perman... read more Agricultural science, Horticulture, Viticulture, Wine education, Wine service, Lab technology, Marketing and Journalism $6,000.00
Teach.NSW - Teach.Rural Scholarships Australian citizen or permanent resident; completi... read more Education $7,500 pa full-time $6,000 appointment allowance Permanent teaching job Closed
Tertiary Access Payment For Year 12 graduates relocating to undertake tert... read more Any $3,000 or $5,000 31-Dec-22
Threadheads Scholarship Must be 18 years or older Must be enrolled in an a... read more Arts $1,000 Closed
Ultraframe Scholarship Any full-time student at an educational institute ... read more any $1,000 25-Jun-22
Walter & Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship Public school students with a permanent physical d... read more any $10,000.00 Closed
Webjet Australia Student Grant Full-time students in their final year of undergra... read more Business IT – including any IT related courses such as Design & Animation, Computing Science and Games Development $5,000.00 Closed
Youth off the Streets National Scholarship Anyone aged between 16-21; permanent resident; dem... read more Any $6,000 over two years Closed
2022 Google Future Leaders in STEM Scholarships The 2022 Google Future Leaders in STEM Scholarship... read more Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics $5,000.00 8-Aug-22

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