Scholarships from external providers

If you're a future or current student, you can apply for scholarships from external organisations right throughout the year. These scholarships are based on either specific study areas or they’re open to all students.

What scholarships am I eligible for?

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Charles Sturt University provides information on scholarships which are funded by third parties as a service to students only, and it is not a complete list. Charles Sturt University does not endorse the goods or services which may be provided by these third parties, nor do we warrant the accuracy or suitability of any content on their websites. If you access these websites, you do so at your own risk. You must assess for yourself the suitability and conditions of any available scholarships.

Scholarship Name Eligibility Study Area Amount Closing Date
2022 Two Honours Scholarships 2 Scholarships being offered for students wanting ... read more Business, IT, Marketing $2,000 18/12/2022
AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship In final two years of study within a financial ser... read more Science / Agriculture / STEM $5,000/year 14-Jan-22
AINSE Scholarships Commencing and Continuing - various Scholarships ... read more Science and Engineering Various Various
Alan Duncan Memorial Scholarship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men; applica... read more Any up to $5,000 30-Jun-22
Aurora Indigenous Pathways Various scholarships for First Nations Students of... read more Any Various Various
Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin.... read more Science/Health $5,000 per year 18-Feb-22
Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship Penultimate year domestic student; undergraduate; ... read more Science/Engineering $2,500 Paid work placement living away allow $250 4-Mar-22
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship Aimed at academically outstanding rural and region... read more Any $5,000.00 18-Feb-22
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship Program First year students studying for the first time, c... read more Any $5,000-$10,000 Open
Bendigo Bank Indigenous Scholarship Program Must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islande... read more any $ 5000 p.a. 18-Feb-22
Brian Gray Scholarship program Open to final year full-time Honours and PhD stude... read more Business / Finance $15,000.00 1-Apr-22
Budget Promotion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sponsorship Award Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander either cu... read more Any $3,000.00 15-Aug-22
Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students Enrolled in a Postgraduate degree; internal or ext... read more Any $3,000 Store Gift Voucher 22-Jul-22
Capstone Editing Mid-Career Academic Researchers Grant for Women Employed in a research position at a research inst... read more Science $5,000.00 24-Feb-22
Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students Enrolled in an Honours Program full-time (part-tim... read more Science/Allied Health $3,000.00 30-May-22
Centevo Digital Marketing Scholarship Commencing or continuing;read more Business/ Marketing / Communications / Web Design $5,000.00 31-Dec-22
Charlie Perkins Scholarships Indigenous Australian's for Postgraduate study at ... read more Any funds up to 3 yrs living expenses, fees etc. 7-Feb-22
Community Bank Scholarships Community Bank branches offer scholarships that su... read more any various Open
Cowra CWA Medical Education Grant Must reside within the boundaries of the CSW South... read more Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy & Allied Health $1,000 19/01/2022
Forward Scholarship Member of Forward NSW; Australian Citizen or perma... read more Any up to $5,000 14-Feb-22
Graduate Women - New South wales Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Female students wh... read more Any $2000 - $10,000 various
Health Workforce Scholarship Program Must hold a primary professional qualification; wo... read more Health / Allied Health / Nursing / Dentistry up to $10,000 All year round
iCare SMSF Scholarship Program Current undergraduate or postgraduate students; en... read more Business / Accounting / Finance $3,000.00 31-May-22
Jacaranda Finance Scholarship for Entrepeneurs For students studying a certification, undergradua... read more Commerce, Business, Technology or Finance $10,000.00 31-Mar-22
Jan Cathcart Scholarship for Women Female shareholders, growers and employees and ext... read more Agricultural science / engineering / finance / business $10,000 pa 15-Oct-22
Larsen Jewellery Design Scholarship Must be Australian citizen or permanent resident; ... read more Design / Visual Arts $3,000.00 30-Nov-22
Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship Women; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identi... read more Any $5,000.00 31-May-22
NSW Cookery Teachers Association Scholarship Public school students completing Year 12 intendi... read more Education $6,000 pa for 3 years 8-Mar-22
NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery Postgraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident of Austra... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery Up to $8,000 25-Feb-22
NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery Rural Undergraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident living in... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery $5,000.00 11-Feb-22
NSW Rural Allied Health Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen; resident of NSW; second year o... read more Science/Allied Health up to $750 1-Apr-22
Rural Bank Agribusiness Scholarship To assist outstanding but disadvantaged School-lea... read more Agri-business $ 5000 p.a. 18-Feb-22
Tertiary Access Payment For Year 12 graduates relocating to undertake tert... read more Any $3,000 or $5,000 31-Dec-22
Women in IT Scholarship Female students completing final year of studyread more Bachelor of Business Information Systems Bachelor of Computer Science $3000 + 3 month workl placement 28-Feb-22

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