Commonwealth supported places

If you're a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) student, the Australian Government pays part of your fees and you make up the remaining balance, which is known as the 'student contribution'.

How it works

Commonwealth supported places are available for most domestic undergraduate students, and students in select postgraduate courses.

To be eligible for a CSP, you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or hold a permanent visa.

You can choose to pay your student contribution upfront or defer your student contributions and pay later if you're eligible for the HECS-HELP loan system. If you are eligible for a HECS-HELP loan and make an upfront payment to the university of $500* or more prior to the census date on units of study with a census date on or after 1 January 2021, you’ll receive a 10 per cent discount, which will decrease your student debt.

*Subjects with a fee of $496 are eligible for the 10 per cent discount if you make the full upfront payment for these subjects (which is $446).

For more information about CSPs and HECS-HELP loans, download the government factsheet.

What to expect

The Commonwealth Government has introduced new measures to protect higher education students from accruing excessive amounts of debt. These measures affect who can access Commonwealth financial assistance such as HECS-HELP. Once accepted onto a course, you need to maintain your academic suitability throughout your studies. This includes meeting prerequisite requirements and enrolling on time each session.

You can also only enrol in two equivalent full-time study loads (EFTSL) per year, across all providers. So if you are already enrolled in a course full-time at Charles Sturt or another university, you can only enroll in the equivalent of one full-time load in your second course of study. Anything over that, you can't access Commonwealth financial assistance for.

You will also need to maintain a reasonable completion rate of the units in your course. If you do not meet these requirements you won't be able to continue to access Commonwealth financial assistance and will need to pay the full fees for your course. If you have any questions about financing your studies, please reach out to our university advisers.

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