Other fees and charges

Get budget-ready for student life. There's always something else to pay for, especially when you're studying at university.

Meals and accommodation costs often make an early appearance in a budget spreadsheet. However, other living expenses also need to be considered.

Living on campus

As a student living on campus, additional costs to think about may include:

  • eating out
  • social and entertainment expenses
  • bills for the internet, utilities, mobile, etc.
  • textbooks
  • course specific requirements.

Based on what you're enrolled to study, additional costs can range from protective clothing to work materials to computing programs and more.

To get an idea of what these costs might be for you, see the course information section of your chosen degree.

Studying online

If you are an online student, additional costs may include:

  • accommodation, food and travel expenses to attend residential schools as part of your course.

An outline of these costs for each session is part of the general residential school information available from Student Services each session.

All students

All students may be charged for additional university costs such as:

  • late fees
  • reviews of decision where a student wishes to have a grade reviewed
  • requests for documents such as transcripts of academic record, or replacement ID cards
  • deferment of enrolment fees
  • fines for misconduct
  • library fees including special library loans, database searches, and professional library staff assistance
  • overdue payments or to replace missing or damaged items
  • photocopying/printing, and
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy fees.

A list of the current costs and fees that apply to these additional expenses can be viewed below.

Accommodation and living expenses

Additional expenses may include:

  • accommodation costs, food, bills, and entertainment
  • text books
  • fee for accommodation and meals during residential school (for distance education students). These charges will be advised with the general residential school information provided by Student Services each session.
  • Specific course requirements such as protective clothing, materials and computing programs. Refer to the course information

2022 University fees and charges

As a student, you may need to pay additional fees or charges such as:

  • Late fees - full fee paying students, enrolment application amendments or acceptances
  • Fees for Reviews of Decision where a student wishes to have a grade reviewed
  • Fees for documents and items such as transcript of academic record, or replacement ID cards
  • Other fees such as deferment of enrolment, additional assessment, misconduct fine
  • Library fees for special library loans, database searches, and professional library staff assistance
  • Fines- overdue items, or to replace missing or damaged items
  • Photocopying/printing
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy fees
Tuition Fee-Paying Students
Payment Plan FeeInternational Onshore$100.00
Late Payment FeeInternational Onshore per subject$50.00
Enrolment Fees - All Students
Reinstatement following the cancellation of enrolment International Onshore students$200.00
Reinstatement following the cancellation of enrolment (all other students)$100.00
Fees for Reviews of Decision
Review of fail grade(where student wishes to have fail grade reviewed N/C)$0.00
Review of grades(refundable if upheld)$100.00
Late application for a Review of Grade14 days after receipt of grade (Per subject, non- refundable)$50.00
Review of summative task - where student wishes to have fail grade reviewed$0.00
Review of summative task - where student wishes to have passing grade for specific task reviewed Note: The fee applicable is based on the year of the exam period e.g. for 2017 exam refer to 2017 fees(refundable if upheld)$100.00
Fees for Documents and Items
Current Student Academic Transcript - Digital$10.00
Current Student Academic Transcript - Hard copy$25.00
Alumni Academic Transcript - Digital$15.00
Alumni Academic Transcript - Hard copy$30.00
Alumni Academic Transcript - CSU Predecessor Institutions$50.00
Alumni Replacement Testamur$100.00
Alumni - Second Mailing of Testamur(where initial mailing has been returned unclaimed)$20.00
Alumni Replacement AHEGS (Graduation Statement)$40.00
Replacement CSU Card$25.00
Replacement badge(nursing, medical imaging, midwifery, pre-hospital care)$25.00
Supply of a subject outline from previous sessions(per subject)$25.00
Subject Material Notes and Readingsat cost
Photocopy of examination answer booklets(per subject)$25.00
Replacement HECS/PELS/CAN liability statement(per session)$10.00
Exam Fees
Special Exam arrangement cancellation fee$100.00
Overseas Exam Centre Levy(per student, per centre)$100.00
Late Exam Centre Location Change Penalty Fee$50.00
Graduation Fees
Late application for graduation$50.00
Graduation fee for a student continuing in higher level award course and graduating from lower level articulated course$200.00
Library Fees - CSU Members
Core Interlibrary loans(per request)$10.00
Core Interlibrary loans for academic/research staff and PhD/Masters/Honours students$0.00
Non-Core Interlibrary loans(Rush, Express, etc)at cost
Commercial Film hireat cost
Library Fines
Bill for replacement of non-returned or damaged items. The Library reserves the right to charge the actual replacement cost. Reduced charges may apply for minor damage to items.(per item)$150.00
Lost Surface Pro(per device)$2,500.00
Photocopying/Printing (includes GST)
Black & White A4 Single sided(per page)13c
Black & White A4 Duplex(per page)24c
Black & White A3 Single Sided(per page)26c
Black & White A3 Duplex(per page)51c
Colour A4 Single sided(per page)55c
Colour A4 Duplex(per page)$1.08
Colour A3 Single sided(per page)$1.10
Colour A3 Duplex(per page)$2.18
Microfilm & microfiche printing(per page)22c
Other Fees
Maximum fine for proven academic misconduct under the Student Academic Misconduct Rule$1,000.00
Government Information (Public Access) - GIPA
Applications for access to information (Section 64 - 67 GIPA Act)$30.00
Processing applications(per hour)$30.00

Discounted charges may be available on the basis of financial hardship or public benefit. Processing charges do not apply for personal information about the applicant.

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