• What's the best way to choose my Year 11 and 12 subjects?

    Your subject choices at school need to reflect your strengths and interests, and support your career goals. Some uni courses may assume you've already learned certain things, so it's important to check if the uni course you're interested in requires particular Year 11 and 12 subjects. Chat with our friendly team, or look up your preferred course in the UAC or VTAC guides.

  • How will I get into uni?

    Your HSC or VCE exams and coursework will determine your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). Your ATAR is important when you apply for some university courses – others let you apply for early entry through the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS). This might mean you receive an offer to study before your final exams. How good would that be? There are also courses that use interviews, auditions, portfolios, questionnaires or supplementary application forms to decide who gets in. Check out your course online to see if there are specific admission requirements.

  • How can I decide on my future career?

    Not quite sure where you want to take your career? Worried you might change your mind after you've started a course? That's okay!

    • Some Charles Sturt degrees have similar subjects in the first year, so you can start one degree and then transfer to another.
    • You can take one of our general studies courses that let you choose subjects that appeal to your interests.
    • Study one subject at a time through single subject study – it's a great way to sample uni study before beginning your degree.
  • What can I expect when starting uni?

    Going to university is a life-changing experience. You’ll have so much more freedom! You'll also be responsible for your own study… although you'll have plenty of help when you need it. You'll make new friends, join clubs and sporting teams, and enjoy social events. University is what you make it, so get involved and enjoy the ride.

  • How can I see what uni is really like?

    A campus tour is a great way to get a feel for uni life and see what we have to offer you. One of our friendly student ambassadors will show you around. You'll get the inside track on student life and find out what really happens on campus!

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