Levels of study

Before you choose a course, you'll need to decide which level of study will suit you best. That will depend whether this will be your first degree, or you want to update your qualifications, advance your career, or simply follow a passion for a particular subject.

  • Certificate and diploma

    A certificate or diploma might be your first qualification, giving you skills and experience you can build on. These courses can also complement your existing qualifications. For example, you could add qualifications in a particular subject to a broad-based undergraduate degree.

  • Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

    If you're starting university study for the first time, or you're interested in exploring a new field, a bachelor's degree is for you. This level of study will suit you if you've recently completed high school, have some TAFE study or vocational training, or if you're returning to study after some time away.

  • Honours

    Honours allows you to focus on a particular area of interest with a research project that can be integrated with your undergraduate degree. It can also be completed as a standalone course after your relevant undergraduate study.

  • Graduate certificate

    A graduate certificate broadens the skills and knowledge you've already gained through an undergraduate degree. It's also a great stepping stone to a graduate diploma or master's degree.

  • Graduate diploma

    This is a specialised qualification, expanding on the skills you gained through your undergraduate degree or graduate certificate. A graduate diploma can also lead to a master's degree.

  • Postgraduate diploma

    This qualification is ideal if you've completed your undergraduate degree and want to pursue further study in the same area.

  • Master's degree

    A master's degree may be comprised of different combinations of coursework, project work and research. This is a specialised qualification and can lead to career advancement, and opportunities for further study (such as a doctorate / PhD).

  • Higher Degree by Research

    A Higher Degree by Research, such as a research master's or doctorate, is the highest level university qualification. This is a qualification in which you conduct your own research and document your findings as a thesis or dissertation.

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