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International Student Liaison Officers are available to support your adjustment to studying and living at CSU. Our support to you and your family begins with pre-arrival information, arrival assistance, and continues throughout your study at CSU to your return home. International Student Liaison Officers are part of a team of support within the Division of Student Services. These services are designed to assist all students to achieve their goals.

The Division of Student Services supports international students by providing:

  • Orientation and enrolment information
  • information on the campus city and surrounding attractions
  • assistance with academic matters: including general learning skills, maths and English support
  • assistance with personal matters, such as health and counselling
  • information about accommodation options (both on campus and off campus)
  • religious and community connections
  • career advice
  • disability and student equity support
  • peer mentoring
  • referral to other services within CSU and the community
  • advocacy, and representation of international students' issues both on and off campus
  • returning home information and farewell gathering
  • Promoting cultural diversity at CSU and within the local community

Meet the International Student Liaison Officers

Pre-departure and arrival

Can I get help for planning my trip to Australia?

Pre-departure information has been compiled for students who have been accepted into a CSU course. It will provide you and your family with information that will help you when planning your trip to Australia.

Pre-departure guide for students

Orientation and enrolment

International Student Liaison Officers provide a general orientation including familiarisation with teaching, administrative processes and campus facilities.

Living in Australia

Australia is a safe and welcoming country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Australia, and in particular smaller cities like Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Orange and Wagga Wagga welcome international students into their community, and respond warmly to visitors who make an effort to become part of the community.

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Academic and learning support

When you study on campus at CSU, we provide you with access to academic learning support and skill development. Whether it's support in mathematics, English, exam techniques, essay writing or learning strategies, we can help you to acquire or enhance the skills you need to succeed in university studies.

More information on study support

Community linkages

International Student Liaison Officers can refer you to community resources and services, connecting you with community and student religious and cultural groups in the towns/regions in which our campuses are located.

Advice and representation

Student representatives are there to ensure the students' perspective is heard within the University planning process and that they are able to raise issues of concern that are identified by students. International Student Liaison Officers provide advice, and representation of international students' issues both on and off campus.

Assistance with personal matters

If you are experiencing issues with personal matters, the International Student Liaison Officers can refer you to other services within CSU and the community. These may include counselling services if you are having difficulty adjusting to your new environment, or studying at university.

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Pre-departure and arrival

Here's information that you'll need to know before you arrive at our Sydney or Melbourne Study Centre, and some tips that will help you get ready for your trip. We wish you a safe and trouble-free journey and look forward to welcoming you to the CSU Study Centre community.

More on pre-departure and arrival

Orientation and enrolment

Our Orientation program runs in the week before classes commence. This program will assist you to make the transition to living and studying in Australia and is designed to allow you to get the most out of your experience both academically and personally.

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Academic and learning support

Both Study Centres have Course Coordinators who are available to assist you with a variety of academic problems. The Course Coordinators monitor your academic progress and assist you wherever necessary.

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