English language skills

English is the official language of Australia, and you will need to have good verbal and written English language skills to complete your degree at Charles Sturt University (CSU). Your lectures, tutorials, and learning materials will be presented in English, and you will also be required to submit your assignments, examinations, and presentations in English.

English Proficiency Requirements

To be admitted to CSU, prospective students need to have a demonstrated proficiency in the English language.

You will generally be deemed to have sufficient English proficiency if you have completed previous study undertaken in English. Other students will need to demonstrate English proficiency using any of the acceptable tests.

NOTE: Some courses have higher English proficiency requirements; you should check your online course brochure for details.

More on English language proficiency

English language studies

Students who do not meet the University's English language proficiency requirements and are offered a conditional place may wish to undertake their English language studies in Australia. Please contact CSU Admissions to find out which English language courses are approved for admission into CSU.

To find a list of provider options for English language in Australia, visit the Australian government register of providers.

For students who apply to study at a CSU Study Centre, CSU recommends Embassy English for English language studies. Satisfactory completion of Level 3 of the English for Academic Purposes Program with a final grade of D or higher at Embassy CES satisfies the English language entry requirements for most Charles Sturt University undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Embassy English shares a campus with CSU Study Centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

English support

Throughout your studies, an English Skills Adviser can help you improve your English language skills if you need:

  • to understand the requirements of an assignment help with the structure of an assignment, and the development and consistency of arguments
  • assistance with English expression, grammar, spelling, learning to edit your own work, etc
  • confidence in understanding principles of grammar and syntax
  • help with reading/ comprehension, pronunciation, slang and cultural/social aspects of Australia
  • help with vocabulary enrichment, especially for tertiary study
  • coaching for oral presentations.

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