Cost of living

Living costs include accommodation, food and bills, and clothing as necessary, and will vary according to your lifestyle. As a general guide, the estimated annual cost for a single student living in Australia comes to a total of about AUD$21,041.

The cost of living in Australia

Australia is a friendly and affordable country which enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world.

As a general guide, the average international student in Australia spends about AUD$1,753 per month (approximately AUD$404 per week) on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, international and domestic travel, telephone, and incidental costs.

In addition to this amount, you will need to budget for your return trip home and international phone calls.

International students are permitted to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during each session, however, there is significant competition for part-time work. You should not expect that money earned from a part-time job will cover your tuition fees or living expenses.

Changes in costs that should be expected

The Australian Bureau of Statistics provides detail on changes in the cost of living through its Consumer Price Index (CPI).  While historical details are not representative of future costs, you should assume that some costs will increase during your stay in Australia.

Exchange rates between the Australian dollar and your home country are likely to vary during your study period. You should assume some variability in exchange rates and exchange rate charges by financial institutions.

Some costs, such as University accommodation charges (if you are living on campus), may change during your time in Australia so you should be mindful of this when budgeting.

More information on budgeting

Students with families

If you intend to bring your spouse to Australia, you will need at least an additional AUD$7,362 a year to support your spouse.

If you are bringing children to Australia, you will need an additional AUD$3,152 per year for every other child as well as fees for children's education. In addition to this amount, there will be the cost of a return trip home for your family members.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information about Bringing Family to Australia.

School-aged dependent children (between ages 5 and 18) in Australia for three months or more are required to be enrolled in school. You will be required to pay full fees to enrol your children in either a government or non-government school.

Please note: for immigration purposes spouses includes someone you are married to or someone with whom you are in a de facto relationship (including same-sex partners).

Regional campuses

The overall cost of obtaining a degree at Charles Sturt University is lower than most other universities in Australia, and our students find that the cost of living is less in a regional centre compared to metropolitan locations.

More information about costs of living on a regional campus

CSU study centres

More about the cost of living at a CSU Study Centre in Sydney or Melbourne

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