New and updated courses

At Charles Sturt University, we want to make sure study works at its absolute best for our students, our communities and our industry partners. That’s why we’re revitalising our undergraduate and postgraduate courses – to ensure they align with what our people, our regions and the country need.

Our portfolio of courses is changing to ensure four key things.

  • Courses meet the needs of industry in a changing world
  • The best experience for our students – so they can get the skills employers need.
  • More opportunities for students to access flexible study that fits their lifestyle.
  • Closer collaboration with our vital regional employers.

Renewed courses

We’ve combined elements of different courses to create a streamlined suite of offerings that is more industry-aligned and student-centred. Some courses will change their names to better reflect their revitalised subject components; others will be combined or replaced with an alternative to offer more customisable degrees. Plus, there will be brand new courses that deliver what our students and regional employers need.

Updated study options

Being able to study in a way that suits someone’s lifestyle is the key to accessing and thriving in a university course. For some courses there will be more opportunities to study online. Other courses will see on-campus offerings expand. A third set will see a combination of online and on-campus study that changes in response to the needs of students as they progress through the course.

Flexible start dates

Some courses will see the number of starting points each year change. This could mean all students for the year starting at the same time, so they can join forces on projects and collaborate more closely. Or it could mean offering a course at several different times of the year to meet demand and maximise opportunity.

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management (with specialisations)

Our Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management gives you the ultimate skill set – foundational knowledge, employability skills and an in-depth understanding of a specialisation that fires your imagination: Applied Earth Science; Aquatic Ecosystems; Climate and Sustainability; Ecology and Conservation; or Parks, Recreation and Heritage.

Plus, you can choose to study online or via blended learning (combining on-campus and online study). You can also opt to fast-track your course, and receive a qualification after each completed year.

Bachelor of Information Technology (with specialisations)

Accredited by the Australian Computer Society, the Bachelor of Information Technology (with specialisations) at Charles Sturt University gives you a comprehensive understanding of fields across the entire IT industry.

You can also choose to specialise in an area that fires your imagination and fits your career goals. Choose from: Cyber Security, Network Engineering, Software and Application Development, and Web Development.

Bachelor of Business (with specialisations)

Become the best in the business with the Bachelor of Business (with specialisations) at Charles Sturt University. Study your way – online or blended learning – to get the skills you need to make your mark.

Gain the skills to work in any area of the business world.  Plus, you can specialise in an area that captures your imagination: Finance, Human Resource Management, Management and Leadership, Marketing, or Strategic Planning.

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Pathology)

Are you a doer and a thinker who wants to have an impact? Someone who’s ready to make the world a safer place, help develop cures or improve humankind’s quality of life? With the new Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Pathology) from Charles Sturt University you can be an essential part of the healthcare process.

In this revitalised course you’ll investigate current conditions as a medical scientist or discover new possibilities through research. Work at the forefront of healthcare, and explore dynamic fields including molecular diagnostics, genetics and immunology.

Bachelor of Health and Medical Science

Not sure which health career is for you, or looking for a pathway to medicine, pharmacy or dentistry? The new Bachelor of Health and Medical Science from Charles Sturt University is the versatile qualification you need to meet your healthcare career goals. Whether you aspire to a health career that’s supported by science or are in the health industry and wanting to upskill, this degree will open doors.

Bachelor of Arts (with specialisations)

Prepare yourself for the workforce with the ultimate skill set. When you study the Bachelor of Arts from Charles Sturt University, you combine traditional humanities knowledge and skills, such as critical thinking, with professional specialisations and transferable employability skills.

Study your way – online or blended learning – to get the skills you need, wherever you want to take your career.

Diploma of Psychological Studies

Do you want to study the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), but need a stepping stone to get where you want to go? The Diploma of Psychological Studies at Charles Sturt University is ideal for you.

This course is available to study online part-time, so you can learn while working. It also offers you a seamless transition from your diploma to your bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition)

Reskill to work in the dynamic digital economy and benefit from the growth in technology jobs. The Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) at Charles Sturt University puts you in the driving seat.

Futureproof your next career move by building a course designed for your goals and to meet industry demand. Combining academic and industry focused subjects, this online course gives you the perfect balance to make a successful career change.

Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours)

Add the perfect complement to your bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) at Charles Sturt University is a standalone Honours year that adds high-level analysis, research and project management to your technical skill set.

You’ll complete a major research project in your area of interest and bring new knowledge and insights to your field. What’s more, these additional aptitudes will make you stand out in the marketplace when you graduate.

Master of Engineering (Civil Systems)

Want to gain a postgraduate engineering degree while you work? The Master of Engineering (Civil Systems) with Charles Sturt University is just the ticket. You’ll work four days a week with your current employer, drawing upon real practice to inform your learning. It’s a win-win.

Designed specifically for those already working in the civil engineering field, you’ll enjoy a unique learning experience – built around bite-size content topics rather than semester-long subjects – as you work towards becoming a registered engineer.

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Honours)

Start your research journey with the Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (Honours) at Charles Sturt University. This standalone Honours year is your opportunity to take your bachelor’s study to the next level – all with the convenience of online study.

You’ll learn foundational research techniques and apply them to an investigation into your area of interest – from communication, education, and humanities, to information studies, Indigenous studies, Islamic studies, social work and theology.

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Education)

Study the Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Education) with Charles Sturt and you’ll join a deeply knowledgeable academic community – with connections across the globe – that will support and inspire you to push the boundaries in your discipline.

You can choose to study on campus or online, part-time or full-time – and pursue studies in any number of disciplines, including arts, communication, education, humanities, Indigenous studies, social work and theology.

Master of Philosophy (Arts and Education)

Make a difference – to the world and to your career – by discovering new knowledge. The Master of Philosophy (Arts and Education) from Charles Sturt University is your opportunity to tackle real-world issues via innovative and impactful ways.

Build your research skills, investigate a question close to your heart, and gain a competitive edge in your professional ambitions. Choose to study on campus or online, part-time or full-time – whatever works for you to pursue your research goals.

Graduate Certificate in Arts and Social Sciences Research

Build on your postgraduate coursework studies and become skilled at conducting research. The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Social Science Research at Charles Sturt University allows you to investigate a topic of interest more deeply in arts and social sciences.

You’ll develop foundational research, analytical and investigative skills that will position you to advance your career or embark on a pathway to a Higher Degree by Research, such as a PhD. All combined with the flexibility of online study.