New and updated courses

At Charles Sturt University, we want to make sure study works at its absolute best for our students, our communities and our industry partners. That’s why we regularly review and update our courses – to ensure they align with what our people, our regions and the country need.

Discover the new and revitalised courses we're offering for 2022.

Master of Nursing

The Master of Nursing (with specialisations) from Charles Sturt University gives you a platform to build on your existing knowledge and experience – and specialise in an area that you’re passionate about: aged care, clinical education, leadership and management, research for clinical practice or rural and remote nursing. Want to start smaller? We've got you covered. You obtain a Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Aged Care)Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Clinical Education)Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Leadership and Management) or Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Rural and Remote Nursing) in as little as eight months of online study. And your graduate certificate could later be used as a pathway into your master's degree.

Bachelor of Communication (with specialisations)

The only degree of it's kind in Australia, the Bachelor of Communication (with specialisations) is co-developed, co-designed and co-delivered with our high-profile alumni and industry partners. Communication experts and our illustrious alumni will co-deliver dynamic lectures via podcasts, and work alongside our academics to bring you engaging masterclasses. You can also choose one of three industry-aligned specialisations: Design and Content Creation, News and Media or Strategic Communication.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence

In the Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence you’ll undertake problem-based learning, working on real-world case studies. Think of detecting the severity of COVID-19 with a chest x-ray and personalising movie recommendations on Netflix via recommender systems, understanding the design principles behind self-driving cars, creating your own chatbot for business communications and designing AI-powered games.

Graduate Certificate in Islamic Psychology

The Graduate Certificate in Islamic Psychology is the first degree of its kind in Australia. Learn from lecturers with extensive experience in this specialised field and investigate the intersection of several disciplines: psychology of religion, spirituality, counselling and Islam.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication

If you work in communication, advertising or public relations, this graduate certificate will give you the specialised knowledge to extend and develop your creative ideas and practice – and is also the perfect path to further postgraduate study. Stack together bite-size subjects from a wide range of areas to gain the perfect knowledge base to meet your career goals. From social media strategy to big data analysis, networking to event management – how you build your personalised degree is up to you.

Graduate Certificate in Business Data Analytics

Learn from academics who are constantly using data to help government, business and communities find answers. From analysing NDIS customer needs and the use of social media for health promotion, to exploring the effectiveness of tourism branding or the efficiency of household electricity consumption – our academics are well versed in using data to solve challenges in today’s world. And they want to share their knowledge with you.

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours)

Combining project-based learning and the convenience of studying micro-subjects with 12 months of paid work experience, this four-year engineering degree really builds your knowledge and confidence.

Master of Applied Business (with specialisations)

Gain essential business knowledge – valuable in any workplace and industry. Then dive into one of nine specialisations to align with your career goals. Alternatively, create a unique skill set by selecting from a broad range of subjects.